Thursday, March 26, 2015

First things first.

The big day went well--our five year program review. All the food was delivered, possibly minus one lunch, but that was okay. All the people showed up--or enough of them, anyway. We had great conversations and the great conversations will, we hope, continue. My outfit, in other words, was an unqualified success.

Now, after the circus has come and gone, I would just like to note that:

  • all day I was a little dehydrated.
  • currently, my hips hurt and the soles of my feet feel dry and consequently a little itchy.
  • I am way past tired, so tired that I am fretting about whether people respect me. (p.s., when I am worrying about that, I should always just go take a big fat nap, or, you know, go to bed for the night. Because the next day when I wake up it's easy to see how ridiculous that whole respect thing was.) (...unless people really DON'T respect me--what then? what nap will cure THAT?)

Tomorrow is Friday, and it is a full day, but not a day in which I am in charge of very many things, nor a day when I anticipate being dehydrated or tired past the point of reason. And after Friday? Saturday, the people. 

Now, I intend to
  • put on my nightgown
  • brush my teeth
  • do the crossword and possibly also, and simultaneously,
  • watch episodes of some sitcom or other
  • fall asleep.
I know, that's not much of an agenda. I like to think of it more as medicine for an ague that I hope will have passed by morning. 

Big day OUT.

1 comment:

  1. Good job, you, big day and all. Friday, yes Friday, so much better than the other days, even with meetings.



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