Friday, March 27, 2015

End of the week.

I am listening to this--it is, in fact, haunting me. (Also reading this and this--thanks, Amelia!)

So looking forward to this, and also this.

So, so happy about this--congratulations, Abbey!

Have got to find good restaurants for when I go here, and a place to stay when we travel here and here.

Am planning on writing up a storm for this--Dr. Write, are you with me?

Cannot stop laughing about this.

Is it time for this yet? I say yes.

I can feel the moment coming when I can ask this question (spark of joy)

My associate dean mentioned this today, which, if I knew about it once, I had forgotten, and it seems wonderful to me.

I was thinking I might reread this--for so many reasons, he's been speaking to me these days, despite the fact that I haven't read anything of his for awhile..

Thinking about getting rid of this for my composition class--and just making a huge amount of screencasts, podcasts, and comics.

Saw this tonight--hoping to see this tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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