Friday, March 20, 2015


to finishing the presentation without freaking out.

to adding an awesome chart to my presentation, full of data generated by my very own self.

to getting some great questions from listeners.

to eating garlic shrimp on yellow rice for a celebratory/relief lunch with my friends.

to eating two meals, with two excellent conversations, with my friend, because in our regular, non-conference-attending lives, we are too busy to eat together.

to smelling jasmine and seeing crew after crew rowing on the water as I walked to my hotel.

to meeting the poet who picked my manuscript, and having him greet me with delight and a hug.

to yet another blessed retreat to my quiet hotel room, where I can breathe and not talk to anyone, except my beloved, which: YES to a conversation with my beloved, and YES to the fact that I will come home home home tomorrow:



  1. Yes! To being part of the audience at your fabulous presentation and said celebratory/relief lunch. Go you!



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