Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Some things about the hospital.

1. No one, and I mean no one, can predict when the doctor is going to come around. 

Except for that 6:30 a.m. rounds thing.

2. I have eaten the same sad salad at the salad bar too many times.

Lettuce, kidney beans, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers. Croutons, a few. Some sort of ranch-y dressing. What can I say? It is my go-to salad bar salad, and unless the salad bar is quite fancy, it'll do, or have to do.

3. Places I have spent a lot of time: 

The surgical waiting room. The CVICU. The Starbucks in the lobby. The cafeteria.

4. There is fairly reliable wireless. So you can "teach" from the hospital.

5. Your nurses are what you have going for you, most of the time.

Most of them are pretty awesome.

6. When things get unnerving, the whole gamut of medical professionals are an awesome team.

However, the minute there are a million specialists coming in and out of the room, you can have a bunch of different narratives of what is happening, and someone needs to be there to synthesize. And critically think. And generally to resist, even if for a few moments.

7. It would be amazing to be able to ward off their worst case scenarios. Like, with a shield or something.

I would tell you some of the scenarios spoken in certain ICU rooms, but you, dear reader, don't really need that. You really don't.

8.  The doctor will say things to you, but unless he writes it down, it's as if you made it up.

You know, when you try to tell it to a nurse later. Is it rude to say to the doctor, "So are you writing that down?"

Also, today, when we were trying to track down a chimerical order that was spoken but not written, one of our nurses said, "I'm gonna see if I can track down those CT desperadoes and get to the bottom of this."

9. I wish I could send a dozen roses to one of our nurses from the ICU. 

Because he was splendid.

10. In the cafeteria's favor, they do have Banbury Cross doughnuts.


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