Sunday, March 08, 2015


(which is, I guess, a big theme with me.)

I didn't realize that we were springing forward today until, like, yesterday. The springing forward always feels like a kind of theft, because it's sleep, really, that's gone. One whole hour of it. 

A friend on FB said, "I just watched the clock go from 1:59 to 3:00, and I'm furious about it." Friend on FB, I feel you, I really really do. 

However. This morning, I got up, and it was a little before nine-ish. Not too shabby. And I made some oatmeal and read the paper and there was plenty of light outside. We took Bruiser for a slightly longer, slightly spring-y walk. All right, okay, things were going swimmingly.

I settled in to work for awhile. Worked away till it was lunchtime. Made some lunch, did some laundry. Worked a little while longer. Took a glorious, precisely mid-afternoon nap. Sun streamed in the window.

 Got up, worked a little longer. Finished the laundry. Decided on dinner. Meanwhile, the Jazz won their game against the Nets. There was broccoli romanesco and peppers and onion, roasted, and sliced yellow cherry tomatoes, to go on the noodles. And parmesan, finely and freshly grated. And it was still light outside. Still light.

 All of a sudden, after dinner walks with ever less heavy wrappings start to seem possible.

 Spring forward, you're all right.


  1. I'm the only one in Arizona who feels this way, but I love Daily Light Saving time (learned on FB yesterday, not "savings"). I wish we always saved though--a spring always.

  2. What a lovely homage to springtime this is! Thanks for helping me appreciate the time shift, HT.

  3. Still and all, I just can't get on board. Maybe it's to do with getting very young people out of bed when their bodies really don't want to cooperate.



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