Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Very short letters indeed.

Dear unacknowledged legislator of the world,

Today, when you spoke to my class, even though you said poetry is, like, the little ignored child of the art world, I think you were actually, at least for that moment, a poetry shaman. Because that's what poetry is, and does.

Seriously: sublime.



Dear friend with a gold necklace around your neck,

How glad I was to see you, as I descended the stairs from poetry class to my office, where I would be readying myself for--let's face it--a bit of an ordeal. Without even saying so, I admired your necklace--a delicate little grace note to the song of your lovely unexpected self.

Lovelier every passing day, that's what you are.



Dear difficulty,

Oh how jangled up I got, contemplating you. The notes I took, the emails I sent, the Google Drive invitations I sent. Now that you're all over, now that I'm looking back on it, how overheated all that seems--but I think, difficulty, that all the jangly effort is what makes the relief so delicious.

That's right: I can actually taste it, the relief.



Dear Panang curry,

Speaking of delicious: I totally felt like I had earned you, at the end of the very long, quite ordeal-ish day. O roast-y peanuts! O bamboo shoot! O Thai basil!

There really should be a song about you,



Dear Justified,

Maybe I should be praying to the gods of narrative, but I am literally vibrating with anxiety about the fact that tonight's was the episode before the episode before the final episode. There was a lot of gunplay. I know we've been heading in this direction for six seasons, but I am afraid of who's going to die next.

Just make it fitting, somehow. If you can do that.



Dear cruelest month,

I know, you prefer the name April. But if I have to call you by a nickname, I prefer National Poetry Month. I hope you know I'll be celebrating you times thirty to the power of all the meters. 

There probably should be cake, but there will at least be a poem about cake.

At least I hope so,



Ann said...

I want cake. I want a poem about cake.

And thank you for this.

Dr Write said...

Yes, cake
Are you poeming at the SWC blog? Or our old but now new again blog? I could post them both places I guess but I only want to do what you do.
Or we could post them to our own blogs and wala the double whammy???


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