Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thank you notes.

Dear Omelet,

This morning at the cafe, you lay on my plate, Omelet, folded so neatly, semicircular, enfolding feta and avocado and onion, aside fried potatoes and sourdough toast, holding the promise that if I would just eat you, I would not be hungry for hours upon hours.

I totally needed that today, so thank you for being a promise-keeper.




Dear Candidate for Student Body Office,

I'm sorry that I really can't take the whole Student Body Office thing very seriously. You, as a person? I totally take you, personally, seriously. Just not the SBO thing.

But that popcorn machine out there in the commons, and the popcorn you were giving away to make people remember you and vote for you? Thank you for the popcorn. That popcorn was legit.

I would vote for the popcorn, for real,



Dear Fugitive Sweet,

First of all: I was entirely grateful for the Thai food that was brought into the long, long, long-ass meeting today at five. It was delicious and sustaining and lifted all our spirits. So good!

I suppose it's churlish to note that a little sweet would have been so choice at that juncture--the post-Thai-food juncture. A bit of ice cream, a cookie? Would have been perfect.

The fact that you weren't there made me miss you all the more, Fugitive Sweet. Am I thanking you for not being there? I guess this isn't a thank you note, not really.

Luckily, a Girl Scout cookie awaited me at home.

Okay: four.



  1. Oh, you make my day!

  2. Can I copy and paste your omelet into my mouth?



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