Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My top ten summer activities.

1. watching ideas for writing flit into my mind and trickle out my other ear.
2. sorting stuff, and then throwing stuff away. Or giving stuff away.
3. admiring the new green and lavender paint in our bedroom.
4. eating popsicles and watermelon.
5. driving to and from Idaho.
6. having fun with grandchildren. And children.
7. wearing my vast assortment of white clothes.
8. eating cherries.
9. reading detective fiction.
10. watching Lost.

For the visually inclined:


  1. Cherries. This has been a year for particularly wonderful cherries.

  2. Thank you for the graph.

    My dad and I have a tradition re cherries. We eat them until we are literally sick. And then we vow never to eat cherries again. Until the next summer rolls around . . .

    I want to see the paint. LOVE those colors.



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