Monday, July 26, 2010

And they're off.

Where have you been? you ask. Well, thanks for asking. It has been awhile. When I clicked "New Post," the iMac of Power hesitated a little--"Contacting," it said, as if trying to remember what Blogger even was. Have we met, Blogger? You look awfully familiar.

The Scotlands left yesterday afternoon, the dad of the lovely family first, then the mom and two girls. And by "the mom," I mean, of course, my daughter, and by "two girls," my granddaughters. Their leaving doesn't abolish the fun we had. But I keep thinking of that fun in elegiac terms. I am an elegist by nature, I guess. Can't help grieving.

My middle daughter texted me yesterday: "Are you lonely? I sure am." The particular magic of this trip was that all the children--everyone here in Utah, and that's almost everyone, save my son the soccer coach--wanted to be with one another most of the time. It was mayhem and chaos and it was pretty much glorious. There were some quiet mornings, just us and the Scotlands, and a few quiet evenings; there were also more full-family dinners than I can count, some going out to lunches or the movies; some slip-n-sliding, some running through the sprinklers, lots of random imaginative games, story-reading, a few tantrums. A large-scale family hoopla, in other words. The full extravaganza.

I went to sleep last night with sense of a palpable absence--no small girls sleeping in bunkbeds downstairs. And woke up this morning to the same. We'll all get used to it and get back to our routines. For now, this quiet just seems empty. Empty-ish.


  1. These pictures are so so lovely. Those babies will always remember the magic of their moments together and with you.

  2. Will is sitting in my lap saying "Cute!" When I went to the comment page he said "More Evie Miriam Deacon!" I agree! For now web chats will have to suffice until we see them again.

  3. I missed your blog probably not as much as you miss your kids, but maybe in the same way that your presence is much much better than your absence.

  4. Hate the leaving and being left part--particularly family. But your loss, IS our gain. Glad to see HTM back in business.

  5. I think the emptiness is more present because our time was so full.
    Thanks for not mentioning that the last couple of days were full of Evie puking. We sure loved our visit!

  6. I am a huge fan of the family chaos and can only imagine (quite vividly, actually) the emptiness. I am, in my mind, wrapping my arms around you.

  7. Such a beautiful family--all of you.

  8. I'm so glad to see you back. I kept coming to the htmstore for the irreplaceable essentials only it provides. So nice to see the Closed sign turned around to OPEN once again.

    Love, love, loved this post and pictures. Watching a first daughter leaving, it does help to see the hoopla and extravaganza that may/will be waiting in the years beyond.



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