Saturday, July 31, 2010

He's more of a trip-hop kind of guy.

Phone conversation:

The historian: When you're not at home, I like to listen to jazz. With the volume up. But Bruiser really doesn't like it. Like today, I was listening to an old LP. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. Which is pretty great.

Me: (laughs: "Lockjaw." HA.)

Historian: He just gets up and goes outside.

Me: Not so much of a jazz fan, I guess.

Historian: I went out to check him--he was lying on his dog bed on the patio--and he looked up at me kind of shamefacedly. Like he thought I was punishing him.

In other news, the people, I am again in Idaho, this time with big writing plans. However much of these writing plans can fit into a three day container, we shall see. In the meantime, I have shuffled through a manuscript, using a writing compatriot's sage advice, and I have mapped out the official Big Writing Plan. If you happen to hear a lot of genius from up north (or from whatever direction Idaho is from where you are), that means things are going well, and therefore, bully for me. If, however, you hear no genius and on the other hand things seem a little sweaty, please just avert your eyes. Sometimes writing isn't very pretty.


Optimistic. said...


(Perhaps he prefers the Timberwolves? oh i slay me)

Lisa B. said...

Aww, I knew someone would do that, but I thought Walker might beat you to it. Well played, sir.

CPS said...

I hope the Historian has the wonderful slow disc of Lockjaw with Red Garland--if not, think Xmas gift.

Ann said...

Oh. Idaho. I wish I were there. I was, in fact, there yesterday eating at JB Big Boy's, a place where I have not dined since 1977.

Good luck on the Big Writing Plan.

Emma J said...

Sweat and genius - not mutually exclusive. Wishing you well either way.


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