Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So very productive.

I have made new Course Curriculum Outlines for four courses and updated another.

I have sent off the article counterintuitive and I wrote.

I finished a textbook review and sent it back to the publishers.

I have consulted with several students already, giving them written feedback on their midterm portfolios.

I have drafted the English 2010 Assessment Report and sent it to the committee for its review.

I cooked dinner.

I uploaded music to my tiny, new iPod Shuffle. A weird mix, it must be said, because I have moved most of my music files to an external drive--what's still on this hard drive is stuff like Richard Thompson's sountrack to Grizzly Man, the 1990s Cookies, Brad Mehldau, The Band, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, and Combat Rock. Great, on the one hand, but can you dance to it? on the other.

I wore an exceedingly stylish and fetching outfit today.

I did not lose my temper when I was locked out of my classroom today (when I went to Facilities, even they could not let me in--what is that about?).

I did the New York Times crossword (to be fair, it was the Monday one).

Perhaps I should run for President of the United States, or Queen of the World, or Empress of Music, or something. I'm pretty sure I could really get things done.


  1. I am really impressed--especially about the curriculum stuff. I find the curriculum process the most frustrating, onerous, hair-pulling experience ever. So good for you! Thanks for making the english department a better place.

    Your fetching outfits always make me feel like a frump, though, I have to say when I pass you in the hall and you are stylish and I am yet again wearing jeans and some version of a black t-shirt.

  2. I would vote for you! For Queen or President or Master of the Universe!



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