Thursday, March 27, 2008

Notes from a separate universe (2).

Upon arriving in Singapore. Delirious with jet-lag, no doubt, but elated, ecstatic, even:

"mom this is absolutely crazy... it is beautiful and there are trees everywhere. Don't send me a letter yet... i am going to fly to malaysia on friday so i will get you my address soon but i actually guess it would be ok if you wrote me i am sure they would get it to me. I have talked to a few people here in chinese i don't understand everything they say but i am not worried. we ate at carls junior today when i arrived possibly my second least favorite fast food just ahead of mcd...i love being here yes it's humid...very humid...i can't wait to see malaysia on friday and experience more different things. This place is crazy, i have only just gotten off the plane like 4 hours ago but it is way nuts...most people say i will mostly serve in malaysia. [. . .] tell everyone i am ok and loving this place and i will try and send home some pics."


  1. I wonder if your son realized his comments would be posted on your blog and then labeled "the shock of the new" and "fast food hegemony." Sounds like he is doing well.

  2. He's learning to speak Chinese! He might go to Malaysia. This is very cool in its own right. It sounds like he's up to the challenge, even at his ripe old age.



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