Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday accomplishments.

  • Read the paper, sports section first.
  • Ordered and ate pastries at Les Madeleines.
  • While eating, considered important improvements in my character that will occur via sabbatical.
  • Hung up random clothes in closet.
  • Washed bedding.
  • Washed darks.
  • Vowed again to go through all clothing as soon as semester is over.
  • Started new Icelandic detective novel.
  • Chilled with Bruiser while reading.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Loaded new Brad Mehldau cds to iTunes.
  • Also loaded Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainwright, the eponymous first album.
  • Listened to the same.
  • Took short nap.
  • Met college daughter at stores to purchase a couple of important clothing items before she goes off to Boston in one week.
  • Picked up the historian at his office to go to film.
  • Viewed film Married Lives.
  • Went to Rio Grande.
  • Observed that restaurant time ("How long is the wait?" "Ten minutes.") is different than human time ("How long have we been waiting?" "A half hour.").
  • Ate Mexican food.
  • Discussed film.
  • Pondered the total transformation of life that will occur via sabbatical.
  • Drove home.
  • Received text from college daughter to meet her at the theaters.
  • Met college daughter at theaters.
  • Viewed film 21.
  • Discussed film.
  • Moved darks to dryer.
  • Recorded the above for all the Internets to view.

Internet: Now I am going to go read some more of my Icelandic detective novel and possibly fall asleep while doing so, to dream the Dream of the Radiant Sabbatical that I will live in Sabbaticaland.


  1. Are you rubbing it in? This sabbatical thing? And all your movie viewing? No fair!
    I'm just trying to make it through the next two weeks. The rest is just gravy baby. Gravy!!
    I'm going to try to work today, to make myself feel less bad about all the work I haven't done in the past year.
    And then I'll watch some basketball. And maybe go shopping.

  2. Lazy Saturday's are the BEST!

  3. How long is this sabbatical?

  4. I ask because I have a pathetic 3-week sabbatical coming. This (and when summer comes) is when I think for a minute (minute minute) about the loveliness of academia.

  5. i'm still super glad that you decided to meet me for the movie! it was definitely worth it!!



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