Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things I said at dinner tonight that may or may not be true.

"I'm renouncing all of my ambitions, except in poetry."

"I'm giving up giving up stuff."


ABick said...

giving up giving up stuff...
i love it mama!

Dr. Write said...

I too want to give up giving up stuff. It's not right. I think that was true.
As for your ambitions, well. That's up to you. But poetry ambitions are enough, right?

Nik said...

These are the kinds of things I say to myself every day. I love that you like to contradict yourself superlatively and extremely!

Counterintuitive said...

I heard the first one live and I'm holding you to it!! Well, as soon as we finish our paper, albeit it a tiny tiny ambition in contrast, then I will hold you to it.


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