Monday, March 03, 2008


On the one hand, I hear it's supposed to snow again. On the other hand, the wind smells more like earth than ice. On the other hand, it's pretty gusty tonight, like a storm's coming. So, winter.

I can hardly bear to wear a heavy coat anymore, but when I don't wear a heavy coat, it's cold. Pretty cold. I couldn't bring myself to wear tights today, and I have a personal policy that once I stop wearing tights--i.e., once I go bare-legged--I can't go back. So it might be getting closer to spring through the sheer force of my sartorial choices. You can thank me later. On the other hand, is it narcissistic to believe that my own desires might have an effect on the weather?

Yes. So let us turn back to the empirical evidence: more light in the morning, and that light is more golden and less blue, as my friend Ann points out. The world seems more crocus and less poinsettia, more lilac and less bare branch, more like prune the grapes back and less like hole up inside. Soon it will be all asparagus and spinach and peas at the market. When I drove past Okubo's greenhouses today, I thought about the flowers and herbs I long to plant. My longing spring, however--does it?

Still, it's March and not February. In eleven days it will be the mid-semester break. Spring break. So, spring.


  1. i agree. if personal longing helps bring spring earlier, so be it!
    lets focus on gardening! lets focus on the great fruits and veggies from farmers market!! lets focus on an actually SPRING-y spring break!! :D

  2. did you see that okubo's fellow-gardener schmidt has sold his giant plot for housing development? if that's the crop that will grow, i'll take winter.

    (honestly, you know i love the winter thing anyway.)

  3. Let's just let it be spring--even if it isn't. Let's just pretend and wear our legs bare. I'm moving to Canada where I know that March will still be decidedly winter, so right now, I'm going with spring.



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