Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chad speaks:

"I went to the Supermarket the other day, and I about fainted when I
saw the prices of things!! Yellow Bell Peppers at $2.58 each, Ancho Pablano Peppers at $2.58 each, OUR PRICES are less than half that, any customer that doesn't come to our Farmers' Market is Crazy!!! This week we have some SUPER DEALS on your favorite produce items,
including Jicama!!!"

My winter farmer is not only a treasured resource in terms of purveying excellent, locally grown, unsprayed vegetables, but also a stylist of the first water:

" Item #6 It is hard to believe that for months now I have been harvesting BIG BEETS, and lil beets! The organic material we have added to our soil has made these beets the biggest and best ever!$2.25/ bunch *LIMIT 1 bag*"

Is it any wonder that I make the trek downtown every other Saturday to buy vegetables from this man?

" Item# 19 NEW! Really nice firm LARGE Ancho Pablano Peppers, Roasting or Stuffing,,Super markets almost charge 3 dollars for one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ours are ONLY $1.00 each and firmer! *LIMIT 3*"

I love him. I Chad. !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I miss Chad. Do I say that every time you bring him up? I was just looking at photos of the Flagstaff Farmer's Market--sparse-looking. And is Chad there? No, I think not.

  2. Okay. I gotta start hearting the Chad. When? Where? Is it almost over? Is it too late?



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