Friday, March 28, 2008

It doesn't make more sense than this.

I finished a week of reading portfolios, writing comments, and conferring with students. It snowed yesterday, great flying flakes that melted within hours. My son is--I think--in Malaysia. Some of my family are moving house. I have too many shoes. We had Indian food tonight--pakoras and saag and kofta and naan. A couple of nights ago, I woke up out of a dream which featured both George Clooney and some strippers. In my mind the semester is already over. If not actually over, then "over." It might snow tomorrow. I am going to sleep until I wake up tomorrow. The Jazz beat the Clippers without Okur or Brewer, and with Kirilenko injured. We saw Stop-Loss tonight. I have a New York Times waiting for me to read it. My offices, both at school and at home, are barely organized chaos. I am now officially behind in my online class. Two little girls in Scotland are wearing tee shirts I bought them, one with a pink kitty and another with a striped French chicken. We are thinking of going to Ireland in the fall. Starting April 1, Dr. Write and I are going to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month. I have lettuce seeds and pea seeds that I'd better plant if I'm going to. Today is Jerry Sloan's birthday. Happy Birthday.


  1. IRELAND IN THE FALL!!!! this is fantastic news. after you've slept off your jazz-high and slept through to sunshine, let me know if you want tips. i have lots of tips.

  2. Ireland is awesome and poetry is awesome and so many things are awesome. But also, that Davidson beat Georgetown. I know you don't care, but you might.
    But also, Ireland!! So. much. fun.
    also, if you have not yet had a hard cider, prepare yourself!!

  3. Yes, hard cider. And real Irish coffee. Wowza. And brown bread, and tea until your hands shake. And fried mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast. And really, really fresh local salmon. And music all night long. And the Burren. And Irish boys. (Wait... I don't remember whether we're talking about your appetites or mine...)

  4. National Poetry Month??

    I'm intrigued...I might renew my vow to write one a day.



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