Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Progress, sort of.

I have:
  • Read a pile of drafts and given feedback to students.
  • Conferenced with almost every one of my online creative writing students, via chat, a phone call, or an in person visit.
  • Co-taught a workshop on writing local history with (guess?) the historian (at the Community Writing Center).
  • Listened to the Clash, The Essential Clash, while responding to student work, because apparently I never uploaded Combat Rock to my iPod.
  • Prepared an excellent and (may I say) a little bit sexy handout for my classes today.
  • Put together a darn near perfect outfit which lifted my spirits all day long.
  • Overcame ennui and pre-spring break laggardliness in my classes with charm, pure charm, baby.
Still to do:
  • Read more student drafts.
  • Conference with remaining creative writing students.
  • Teach the other half of the writing local history workshop next week.
  • Help students troubleshoot their wack eportfolios.
  • Receive and respond to massive amounts of preliminary eportfolios.
  • Keep the good outfit mojo going.
  • Upload Combat Rock.


  1. You need to upload _Combat Rock_ to your ipod.

  2. A good outfit can make a big impact on the mood of a day...

  3. maybe I need to start working harder on my outfits. maybe that is what i'm missing.



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