Monday, March 10, 2008

Break: the schedule (to date).

It's reached that point--the point when, in anticipation of spring break, I realize that I am no longer working within the rules of the Elasticity of Time--there's no way I can do everything I want to do in that short little week. As of right now, I plan to be
  • relaxing
  • doing the curriculum paperwork for about half a dozen courses
  • writing the 2010 assessment report
  • doing a little desultory online course cleanup
  • relaxing
  • going to the movies with college daughter, Dr. Write, and possibly my own personal self
  • doing a tiny bit of recreational shopping
  • reading
  • cleaning up my study
  • possibly getting running son's room sorted (it's about time--)
  • helping college daughter prepare to go to Boston, in which city she has accepted a position as a nanny
  • writing/relaxing
  • other unagenda-ed items.
I will have to make a flow chart and plot all the relaxation, in half-hour increments. However, as my office area-mate notes, "Just three more days and it's spring break. And after spring break, it's only five more weeks, and then it's summer." See, it's not spring yet, officially, but baby, in six weeks and three days, it will be summer.

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  1. yeah for movies!! and sad for preparing, but yay for going!!! :D



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