Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Notes from a separate universe.

Also known as the "Missionary Training Center":

"People were right--learning the tones in Chinese is hard, but not nearly as hard as their crazy grammar rules. You have to change your mind to think like a Chinese person. . . it is out of control, but I get better at it daily."


"I have gained 13 lbs. since being at the MTC, no big deal. Even with that gain I am still underweight. I just need to evenly spread my weight around magically. Those brownies were incredible! I only wish I didn't have to share, but I did because without charity I am nothing."


  1. "without charity I am nothing" hilar. How'd you get such funny kids? I think this notes from a separate universe should be a regular feature...

  2. I agree. I want more "notes from a separate universe." Also I want to live in the world where I eat brownies, gain 13 pounds, but am still underweight!! Where is that universe?
    But it was a bit sad too, because I know you miss him. Sigh.

  3. walker is funny...



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