Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slow dark day.

I felt I was waking up to snow all day long, it was so gray, and the snow kept falling like rain. I woke and then fell asleep again.

Then I got up and made us all breakfast. It's the last Sunday college daughter will be here for quite awhile. We talked over the news. She left for church.

Then singing son came over to do homework ("I just can't make myself do it until right before it's due. I just can't!") on our computer. Then he left. The historian and Bruiser were napping.

I went to the store (milk, Coke, bread, laundry detergent) and came back. The Jazz lost to the Timberwolves. I lay down during the last quarter because I was cold, and fell asleep, waking only as John and Bruiser were leaving for the dog park. I felt I had slept the entire day away.

Bruiser follows us around, settling down only when we do, right next to us. He is the silent partner in this entry. In the dark, I can hear him breathing.

Outside my window is a thicket of ivy, and beyond that, a snarl of tree limbs.


  1. And what about today? At least the sun came out. But so much snow on the car. Bleh.
    I'm sooooo ready for spring: meaning flowers and sunshine.
    And NO snow!!

  2. At least your new blog colors are springy!

  3. it was a great breakfast and i will miss them for a year! :-(



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