Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Money, breakfast, and the good things in life."

I saw this headline in the Fraywatch on Slate. For the life of me, I couldn't find the actual item that prompted it, but it did get me thinking about the good things in life, such as
  • yellow sweaters. I was frantically culling my ridiculous sweater pile for ones I knew I wanted to give away this morning--the Friends of MS people were coming to pick up several bags of discarded clothing. It turns out that now I have a tidy little collection of yellow sweaters, how did this happen? Yet each one provides material cheer when I wear it--a slightly different version of yellow sweater cheer.
  • organic greens. I used to think that the sturdier greens, such as kale, were inedible. Not at all! They are gorgeously delicious, especially sauteed with garlic or making a roasted tomato sauce more robust or with grains of sea salt on them or, most heavenly, a little squeeze of Meyer lemon juice.
  • a good mix of songs when your iPod is shuffling. This morning, I heard Rory Block, Gorillaz, Ben Lee, and The Legendary Pink Dots. Maybe that could be improved upon, but not through sheer randomness, I don't think.
  • money. Come on, it is good. (For perspective on this, it's useful to have memories of not having very much, or quite enough.)
  • and, come to think of it, yes--breakfast! I used to have a breakfast routine that involved cycling through oatmeal cooked with dried fruit (cherries are good), with chopped almonds on top; some kind of smoothie and wheat toast (almond butter on top); just plain old toast (ditto the almond butter); cottage cheese and fruit (and chopped almonds), and possibly toast. During the anti-carb mania, I stopped drinking almost any kind of juice, ever, but now I allow myself a chaste little glass of orange juice most mornings, and damn, it's good, that little hit of sweetness in the morning. [Note: Don't think I didn't notice the almond theme in the above. Will consider if it is something to be concerned about. Probably not, right?]
  • watching The Office on dvd, with Bruiser.
  • finishing a crossword puzzle.
  • having fun with an adult child--a conversation, movie, hanging out--anything.
  • anticipating spring break.
  • having lunch with your friend.
  • the way spring brightens up everything--the sky, the day, your mood--everything.

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