Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring break: still to do.

During spring break, I managed to
  • finish, or almost finish, the paper that counterintuitive and I are writing.
  • collect the URLs of quite a few (most?) of my composition students' midterm portfolios.
  • finish reading my crazy fantasy novel. Very rewarding.
  • make and deliver little Easter baskets for numerous grandchildren and send presents to the grandchildren who live in foreign lands.
  • see my daughter the makeup artist and her tiny little boy.
  • spend loads of time with college daughter.
  • see movies galore.
  • relish lots of quiet.
  • prune the roses in my back yard.
  • buy lots of new kinds of tea.
  • finish the curriculum work for one course.
  • go to dinner and a movie with the historian, singing son and his wife.
Still must
  • finish the curriculum work for several other courses.
  • draft the report of the 2010 assessment. (This will involve using the previous report as a genre template, changing the details, of course. Also, it will involve thinking about the 2010 assessment. Some thinking.)
  • make dinner tomorrow (my daughter the makeup artist, her husband, the darling baby, and college daughter will be coming over to share this repast).
  • read some portfolios and write comments for student conferences on Monday.
  • write a review of a textbook I said I'd review. (Why? Why?)
Can I do all of this tomorrow? Watch me.

Spring break has left me feeling raahhther relaxed and possibly refreshed. Perhaps even rejuvenated. Like I can finish the semester without breaking a sweat. Or sweating just a little.

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  1. are you noticing that what you managed to do was more of the fun stuff and what you still need to do was more of the boring work stuff.

    Do what makes you happy!



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