Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Read this. Right now.

Here is the full text of Barack Obama's speech, the one he gave in Philadelphia today. Searching, remarkable, stirring. This is not an ordinary election, dear readers.


  1. An inspiring speech. That is the America I want to be part of!

  2. I watched it on you tube. Awesome and inspiring. Very nice.

  3. I'm spending another day at home with whatever it is that I have that gives me the aches and fever and really deep voice and planned to watch the speech live on the tv. Unfortunately, in my ailing state, I slept through the first 28 minutes. So I watched all of the post-speech analysts describe what he said and what he should do and blah blah blah. Then I read the speech. Completely different than I would have thought had I only heard the news highlights or read the headlines. Who better than him to help this country acknowledge and address our continuing race issues.

  4. i watched it on cnn this morning. i got weepy, if you can believe it. (weirder still, so did my DAD.)

  5. Such a great speech. I wouldn't have read it because I'm playing a bit of ostrich after 2004 elections but maybe it's time to shake the sand out of my ears. Do ostriches have ears? They must. So shake I will.

  6. My husband gets his world from talk radio and Fox news. Do you have any idea how they are covering that speech?

    Listening to all of that last night was an amazing context for actually listening to the speech.

    Did you know that one of his biggest sins was READING the speech. Anyone could do that from the hip, right?



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