Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The thankful list.

So here's what's going on, the night before T-day:

I am watching Dirty Sexy Money. We had an impromptu dinner out with running son, college daughter, singing son and his wife, me and the historian. In the oven, there are squashes and pumpkins roasting. That's all the preparation I'm doing tonight, which is possible because I'm going down to Utah Valley for dinner with my mom and dad, sisters and their families, my brother's son and daughter, and my darling auntie. So all I'm bringing is a pumpkin pie, a green salad, and a couple of vegetable dishes.

Which leaves me plenty of time to tell you some of the things and people I am thankful for. My daughter the makeup artist said she always makes a list of 100 things she's thankful for every Thanksgiving. I started my list while I was responding to portfolios on Monday, so as it turns out, I'm not finished with it, but here are some excerpts:

1. love of my husband
2. how wonderful each of my children is
9. drinking a pot of tea while working
17. happy marriages for my kids
18. good relationship with my former
29. writing group
30. bruiser
31. betty
32. a washing machine
37. farmer’s market
38. movies
39. my comfy chair
40. the end of every teaching day
41. when I see evidence that my students have learned something

Of course, I also have grandchildren and friends to list: little Miriam, Evie, and Deacon; Carter, Alex, David, Jenna, and Rachel; Mary Sue, Ann, Jill; Jen, Allison, Lynn, Melissa, Jason, Clint, Ron, Stephen, and Jennifer. I love the fact that my children have good friends that I've been allowed to know. I am grateful for my wonderful parents and my splendid siblings. Tonight, with no work tomorrow and the prospect of a lovely family day, I feel like my whole life is a blessing. My life is good.


  1. And I'm thankful for friends who are thankful for me. And friends who make pie.
    Hope that's not too meta-thankful.
    thanks for the recipes and have a beautiful Thanksgiving.
    We'll expect a full report of love and thankfulness.
    Gus sends his regards as well.

  2. We love you!
    The Scottish ones

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Lisa B. I'm thankful for NaBloPoMo and having your posts to look forward to all month!

  4. Are lists not the greatest thing ever. I made my list of 100 today, it included, my parents who double as fantastic grandparents, diet coke, Deacon sleeping 13 hours a night, my snuggly dog, THE OFFICE, and of course Deacons squeals of delight. Happy Thanksgiving, I love you!

  5. I'm grateful for you. And also your blog. Love to you this holiday season.



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