Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nothing whatsoever to say.

I started a post about gossip (I like it, especially about higher ups).

I considered just cloning Dr. Write's excellent post about important books I've never read (To the Lighthouse, The Prelude, Moby Dick, War and Peace).

I don't have a dissertation draft to share excerpts from (wait: yes I do, two of them! Sample: "Am I overstating? Let us return to literary studies with the critic (and provocateur) Stanley Fish, who makes precisely this point in his essay “Yet Once More.” The title is the first three words of “Lycidas”; it is as a Miltonist that Fish undertakes to remind us of what it is we do when we act as literary critics," etc.).

I've already written about cake this week.

My internet issues are resolved.

30 Rock and The Office were both hysterical tonight.

My agenda is: tomorrow, stash a sword in the drop-down ceiling of my office tomorrow and file a knife in a folder labeled "Mr. A. Knife" (in case of emergency weaponry needs). Tonight: go to bed.


  1. I missed most of 30 Rock, but did see Al Gore. Al Gore!! They are setting the cameo bar pretty high.
    and The Office? Hilarious! I think I might be up to Michael's version of wilderness survival.
    I also need to create a file for "Mr. A. Knife." Just in case.

  2. abby showed me a clip from 30 rock that she said caused you to fall of the couch; Tracy Morgan is in therapy and Alec Baldwin plays all these different characters in Tracy's life. Though my body remained on the couch, I laughed heartily. SO funny!

  3. good gawd almighty you are blogging a lot or I'm just really slow on the draw. Anyways, I LOVED the hiding-weapons thing in the office. I really like that show but am a bit nervous that they keep going outside the office for laughs--hopefully it doesn't turn into ER hyparama.



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