Friday, November 23, 2007

Breakfast, passport, lunch, movie, nap, dinner, movie.

That's how my day after Thanksgiving was. I think I started the day a little hungover from food, perhaps especially the pie. Anyway, the day's timeline was as follows:

  • Pie (apple) and tea for breakfast.
  • Went with running son to submit passport application, expedited.
  • Went to lunch (Wendy's) with running son, then to a movie (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium). Which was pretty much enjoyable for the kind of movie it is. I liked it.
  • Came home.
  • Took a receipt back to a store to get a "price adjustment," which on the one hand demonstrates my excellent shopping abilities (I knew the expensive sweaters would be on sale the day after Thanksgiving, and I was right, so I got the differential in cash), and on the other hand, my relative impatience--I could have gone anytime within 14 days of the original purchase. Felt the strong desire to do it today. On the other (other) hand, it wasn't too bad at the store, so I was vindicated, at least a little.
  • Nap, one hour.
  • Dinner (Chinese) and a movie, No Country for Old Men. Pretty great, I thought. No: just plain great. Excellent, in fact.

A lowkey day, but with two movies in it. Tomorrow promises to be the same--my niece, college daughter, and I are going to have breakfast, do a tiny bit of shopping, and see another movie. Then the historian and I are going to see that new Todd Haynes thing, I'm Not There. I thought I might do some work this weekend. Maybe I will, on the day that exists between Saturday and Sunday, which I will will into existence. In the meanwhile, I, like the Son of Middlebrow and Dr. Write, am very grateful for theaters, and also for long weekends.


  1. any weekend that begins with breakfast with niece and college daughter WILL prove to be a great weekend.

  2. I'm so jealous! I so want to go see the Todd Haynes Dylan bio-pic. It sounds messy and great.
    Have fun and I will expect a review.

  3. Think I want to see country for old men--say more about what you thought. I'm a bit nervous about the close-up, in your face violence.

  4. There was some in your face violence, but much less than I expected. Far more was inferred--the atmosphere of dread was far more intense than most of the violence, or at least that's how I felt about it.



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