Sunday, November 11, 2007

The facts, part 2.

Another round of The Sevens, this courtesy of 31 Flavors:

1. I hope to live in France for an extended period of time before I die.
2. I truly believe that if I wrote every day, played the piano every day, and made my bed every day, I might be a happier, better person.
3. My idea of nirvana is the Routine--something like writing every day from x a.m. to x a.m., playing the piano for an hour, etc. Somehow work has to fit in there too, I guess. Maybe this Routine is all about the summer. Also, all about the sabbatical.
4. "Sabbatical" is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. I'm quite certain that it's equally beautiful in other languages, but I will be hoping for a sabbatical in English. Possibly translated into French.
5. I hope to overcome cynicism, despair, and the odds, and have another book, and hopefully more than one other book, published before I die.
6. When you have six kids--nine, if the historian and I add up our kids together--there is always, always something happening in that generation that you have to consider, talk over, worry about until you think you might faint.
7. Yesterday, I slept for four hours in the afternoon. I get worn down sometimes.


  1. The best thing about routine is that it's interrupted by real life--like, say, 9 kids! You're amazing to do all you do. Just reading your list made me need a nap.

  2. I think I want a routine, but I can never quite stick to it. Or not for very long! Maybe that's the kid thing...or maybe it's just my attention span.
    And I think that living in France is great. And then you can write a book about it. Two goals with one trip!!
    And I envy your ability to nap. I can't nap. I wish I could!

  3. I love the routine! But life intervenes: committee meetings, conferences, stuff, stuff, stuff.

    I still look forward to this mythical sabbatical. I'm not quite sure I really believe it exists. It's like the concept of heaven. It sounds wonderful, but surely it isn't real.

    Will you still blog while in heaven?

  4. Everytime I read about your 6 kids I think, it's a joke... no WAY!

    God bless.



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