Friday, November 02, 2007

Internet deathwatch.

The internet at my house? It's either dead, or Ima kill it.

Who knows why. I'm a geek, but I'm not a natural-born geek, and no matter how many reboots and cord twirling and fix-the-internet dances I do, it has not been reliable for more than a week.

So I'm taking the advice of fast-internet-guy, middlebrow, and getting the Ferrari of internets at my house. The fast internet people tell me that my set-up stuff will arrive no later than November 7. Which, for anyone who's counting, is five days from now. Yeah. Five days.

I will not bore you with the amount of "going to a place that has the internet to post replies to my online students" I'm going to have to do for five days. Not to mention, I have no faith that the set up will be trouble-free, either. But sometime in--oh, let's say the next two weeks--I will be back online, at home, with smokin' fast internet. Which will make me, personally, run faster, jump higher, and be in a better mood. Also, I think it will help me lose weight, restore my faith in America, and finish a Ph.D., or something along those lines.


  1. So no daily blog posts?

    You should just go for cable broadband, if that is not what you are doing. That way you will have plenty of TV to watch too (although I have very little TV to watch as I refuse to play the high price of cable TV).

  2. Also the amount of driving to the coffee shop to post your daily post. Because we need your words. We do.

  3. Be serious. Of course I will post. And, go figure, when I got home from work today, there was internet. What the hell. We're getting the fast kind anyway, I've ordered it.

  4. "Ima" you betcha. Since your mom is from Georgia, I feel you should incorporate a whole lotta southern words in your blog. Go forth.

    PS I tagged you, see my blog, it will help you along on your daily blog quest.



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