Monday, November 26, 2007

Important update.

Following up on our previous discussion of all things religious, thought you would all be interested in the "Brick Testament," a retelling of Bible stories using Legos. It is truly awesome. Check this out--the teachings of Jesus on love. [Important note! I meant to say that my daughter in Scotland was the one who brought this fantastic site to my attention.]

Also, and this is probably not religious, at least I don't think it is, but it is from Utah and it will make you laugh:


  1. Reading your labels before watching the clip and was confused by the vasectomy one! The lego bible is awesome, and to think, you have me to thank for bringing it to your attention.

  2. The vasectomy clip was hilarious! And the Lego Bible is also funny. I like the one on "Dogs and Pigs" and also "Divorce."
    Maybe I should make my students make Lego Powerpoint presentations. At least they wouldn't be boring.

  3. Pretty sure the Lego man they're using for Jesus is actually Qui-Gon Jinn.

  4. hilarious clip and looking forward to LEGO TIME!



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