Saturday, November 24, 2007

Assorted remarks.

9:00 a.m.

Niece to running son, who is still sleeping: Do you want to come out to breakfast with us?
Running son: It would have to be a dream breakfast.
Niece: I think you would have to get out of bed to have it.
Running son: Then that's a firm no.

Tonight, after seeing I'm Not There.

Me, after long excursus on what I thought, what was tedious, what I enjoyed nonetheless, etc., etc.: But I'm not sorry I saw it. What did you think?
Historian: I'm not sorry I saw it. [pause] But I'm not exactly glad I saw it, either.


  1. I would get out of bed for a dream breakfast. Too bad about the Dylan pic.

  2. Ooh! Between "not sorry" and "not glad." A rough place to be. And I was so envious. I'm glad, however, that you saw it. I still want to see it. But I will be prepared for tedium and un-gladness.
    I am glad I saw "Lives of Others." Even Middlebrow is glad, though I had to cajole for almost two weeks before we actually saw it.

  3. well. the "firm no" quote is firmly hilarious!
    all in all a great day.
    but i would like to mention while my hilarious comment did not happen on this particular day, i do believe it deserves a high touch nod. how rude.
    btw, the hilarious comment has to do w/ elevator music...



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