Thursday, November 22, 2007

Excellent day.

The day started with pastry-making. I ate toast and almond butter while college daughter and I made pie dough for a double-crust pie (the apple pie she was taking to her dad's) and a single-crust pie, the pumpkin I was taking. That went swimmingly. We used plugra butter (Fr., "more fat," which term just continues to tickle me--it's "more fat fat," if you see what I'm saying)--perfect, and I mean by that "without flaw," for pie crust.

Her apple pie we seasoned with cinnamon and fresh nutmeg, as well as orange oil, a fancy new thing I like a lot--like orange extract, but better. It was fragrant and juicy as it baked. My pumpkin had the crystallized ginger I thought I had when I made the pumpkin pie for the pie party--so today's pie was even better than last week's.

I also made baked squash with Moroccan butter, roasted carrots for a much larger crowd than was actually there, and a green salad with homemade croutons, shaved parmesan, and a mustardy dressing. All good. Everything else was delicious, too--pies from my sisters, rolls, cranberry sauce, a wonderful dressing with pears in it. We all had a great time, ate too much, talked and laughed.

At the end of the evening, my niece, aunt, and I played the piano in a completely insane six-hands-at-the-piano deal--transcriptions of The Nutcracker and also a version of The Camptown Races that we managed to play faster and faster until we were playing l.s. (lickety split). It was very, very good.

These are family photos of a happy day.


  1. I love love these pictures. It feels just like Thanksgiving. Everyone looks beautiful in these pictures! Austin so tall! Sam so like Uncle Dave! Erin and Lori just the same as ever! We missed you all.

  2. Great pics and a good account of crust making. My crust was less than stellar, but it tasted fine, so it's all good.
    Happy Black Friday.
    We're staying away from the shopping todayy!

  3. I love these pictures! Thank you for capturing such a marvelous evening.



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