Friday, November 30, 2007

It is the 30th of November. Rejoice!

Although, having said that, I'm not entirely sure why rejoicing is called for. Let us enumerate:

1. I posted every single day for an entire month. Some of my best blogging ever, in my humble opinion! (can an exclamation point be humble? I think not.)
2. Several of my friends and compatriots posted every day for the month, and it was a joy and a pleasure to know I could look forward to that.
3. It's Friday. Friday is a de facto day of rejoicing.
4. I just got a voice mail from IT Guy, and the new motherboard is in and everything looks good in laptop-land. Yeah!
5. This weekend promises two movies, a jazz concert, a party, fresh local vegetables from Chad.
6. I found the two books I was looking for. Behind other books. You really don't want to imagine what all went on in the way of searching, overturning, upsetting, etc., the frail vestiges of organization in my world. But I have the books! I have been diverted!
7. On Monday, there are new episodes of Saving Grace and The Closer!
8. Next Thursday, there's an extended new episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, featuring Vincent d'Onofrio, aka Det. Bobby Goren.
9. All week: good classes. Which may mean the kids may actually have learned something, which in turn may mean I taught them something, or at least didn't get in the way, at least not too much.
10. Because of my relentless searching for two books, I found, and therefore could scan and share, this photo of running son when he was about ten years old:


  1. Congrats on your many accomplishments. And thanks for making November a happier month for your posting.

  2. I feel woozy looking at the photo of RS. I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be that age still, isn't he?



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