Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Must not forget to vote.

Today is the day to set cynicism aside, at least long enough to have one's say as a citizen on the issues of the day. To stand in line in order to poke tiny little holes in a card, then make sure the hole-y thing actually got all the way punched out (never let it be said that the Presidential Election of 2000 taught us nothing!).

After that, I intend to play video games for several hours until my brain turns to mush. (I'm just quoting, sort of, Strong Bad, and also running son. Actually, I intend to make dinner and then see what's on television. Same diff.)


  1. Get with the new millennium, HT! We use touch screens now!

  2. We don't get to punch anymore. We insert a card that says Diebold. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
    But I too intend to mushify my brain, one way or another.

  3. cynicism got the better of me and maybe cynicism has been getting the better of you and you just didn't realize it as it seems you haven't actually been in a voting booth for some times ;)



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