Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How will the writer's strike affect you? Read on:

I found this link on Mighty Girl (which is an excellent blog which is often very, very funny--see this post on drunk texting, for instance--you will laugh yourself silly).

Now dear reader, I know you don't always follow my links. How do I know this? I just do. From my perch in the blogosphere, I can see into your innermost thoughts. And among your innermost thoughts, I heard this one: how will the writer's strike affect me? Reader, I am here in your hour of need with this link.

Just in case you missed it: this link will answer your questions and possibly your prayers, give you solace and peace of mind, chill you out like a crazy pill and an ice bath combined. Also, it's very, very funny. So don't even think about skipping this link.

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  1. My favorite was "Celebrity I'm Thinking of a Number." Unfortunately, I don't think his reality tv prediction is too off. We're going to get really long commercials, because they're not written by writers, they're written by marketers! Big difference.
    For example, on "Desperate Housewives" they will be talking about how good everyone's hair smells. "It's Pantene!"



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