Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Writing report.

What's that? you want to know how the writing's going? Fine, thanks for asking. Here's the time clock I am punching:

Thursday  2 hrs. 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Friday  2 hrs. 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Saturday 2 hrs. 10 a.m.-noon
Sunday: day of rest and driving.
Monday 2 hrs. 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Today, Tuesday  2 hrs. 10 a.m.-noon

Yesterday, my first day writing back on the mainland--back in the Lower 48, as it were--was a little ragged. Pretty much everything I wrote I seemed forced and lame and I hated it. HATED IT.

But I stayed at my desk and I wrote for two hours, like I promised myself. I did that Monday writing, as unattractive as it was. And I gave myself research assignments--since I'm not doing internet research during my writing-down-the-words sessions--and I did those last night. Did you know, for instance, that a tombolo is "one or more sandbars or spits that connect an island to the mainland"? I did not know that, but I do now. And this proved relevant in the writing today, happily.

As you might predict, a routine, more or less disciplined, in one area leads one to feel a bit more productive and disciplined in other areas. For example:
  1. I took Bruiser for a walk yesterday morning and this morning. 
  2. I made my bed. I know, small potatoes, but still.
  3. I did some laundry and put some clothes away.
  4. I painted the fingernails on one hand whilst I was thinking, aka writing.
  5. I read a bunch of the book for my book group.
  6. I took popsicles over and hung out with some grandsons.
Yes, it's all productivity and popsicles around here, what with this five-day track record, which I'm sure indicates great things to come, or something like that. And if we're not getting quite enough sleep now that we're down off the mountain, well, that's par for the course. Although I am worried a little bit about this. I'm going to consider getting enough sleep to be job one! as long as I get my writing done!


  1. Love hearing about your potatoes, large and small, HT. And what's even better than time to write? Popsicles with grandsons, but of course.

  2. I love your life and the way you live it here. Yay for the writing!

  3. Awesome. High-fiving a million angels for you!



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