Thursday, June 07, 2012

Top ten things about visiting my oldest darling friend,

10. Sitting out on her beautiful leafy patio, morning noon and evening.

9. Eating toast made of cinnamon bread from Trader Joe's every morning for breakfast.

8. Watching the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes series.

7. Shopping with someone who knows you well enough to tell you to buy the bracelet, buy the scarf, both on sale and both precisely up your alley.

6. Talking about teaching in a way that's both reflective and regenerative.

5. Eating a dinner at Barn Diva in Healdsburg that includes a Meyer lemon tart with huckleberry topping and a dollop of creme fraiche ice cream that shows you what creme fraiche is for.

4. Driving all over the Sonoma county landscape.

3. Talking morning noon and night.

2. Peonies by your bedside.


1. Friend who has known you since you were fifteen years old, knows you maybe better than you know yourself. (happy birthday on the right day! [this year, at least])





  1. Your posts, of late, are ginormous sigh-producers, you know? Maybe you could package that, somehow. Anyway. Mostly just {sssiiiiiiighhh}.

  2. Did you hear of the Trader Joe's news in SLC???



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