Friday, June 15, 2012

Are the bears all hanging out without me?

Going east through the Lamar Valley:

The historian: What do you think she's looking at? (gesturing at a young woman, wearing blue shorts, standing on a ridge, facing the river)  Maybe a bear.

Me: (deducing from her motionlessness, presumed age, and general unmoved demeanor:) No.

The historian: (drives on. He knows I'm right.)

Me: There should be, like, a universal language of--

The historian: They should just throw up a sign that says--

Me: ...what they're actually seeing. Like--

The historian: "Bear." Or--

Me: "Antelope."

The historian: "Bison."

Me: "More bison." "Just elk."

The historian: --or "scenery."

Me: "Straight up river."

Here are some animals we did see:


"Unspecified Ground Animal, such as Ground Squirrel."

"More Bison."

"I had it on good authority that there might
be bears in and around this locale, but I was
denied. Alas."


  1. Yellowstone is indisputably the best stone.

  2. Apparently starting the day with a video of a lightsaber wielding grandson did not prove a lucky omen for bear hunting. Maybe if you chant, "we're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, We're not scared!"



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