Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Megastore recommends.

Brunch. If you have piles of children and grandchildren, and you want to have people over, but you don't want to battle your own tendency to overdo it, culinarily speaking, take my advice and plan a brunch.

Brunch is delicious, but by its very nature--you have to eat it before noon, and probably you are hungry since you have hopefully been sleeping, and therefore not eating, ergo: hungry--you won't plan to make a three-day mole sauce, for example. Instead, you will make french toast, sausages, a lot of fruit, perhaps some potatoes because: carbs go with carbs, yo, and juices galore.

Everyone will love it, and then children will play and cavort in your backyard, which I also recommend:

1 comment:

  1. Eating brunch and cavorting with the fam. What could be better? Beautiful grandkids, btw!



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