Friday, June 08, 2012

At home and also out and about

Yesterday, after I had landed from a whirlwind trip to visit my friend, I unpacked, made some salsa to eat with chips for dinner (in a show of nutritional commitment), and made a grocery list. That's because today was my writing group. This meant that I arose this morning to a day in which I had no running hither and yon to accomplish, which is in striking contrast to the hither-and-yon-ing I have been doing of late. On the ground and in the air. At home and abroad, &c.

It was a lovely morning, making rye crumble bars with jam, fattoush salad, and lemon-rosemary salmon. Lovely indeed. I also swept and mopped the floor and washed the sheets. I was a dervish of domesticity, is what I was. Of course, I had no poem. But the floor was clean. And the sheets! And there was salad! &c., &c., I am going to start my writing...right...NOW.

But most importantly, tonight, we went out to see a movie. This is important because, though I declared at the beginning of the year that I wanted to see all the movies, I--we--have fallen short of this goal. It's too stressful sometimes to see the worthy (read: depressing) movie. It's not fair to ask one's beloved to see a movie whose genre (read: fantasy, action) he loathes. This means that there are plenty of movies that I believe, in my belief system, that I should have seen, but did not.

How did this happen? To me?

A pointless question, really. Those movies are unseen and most of them will remain so. But it's never too late to pick a movie and see it right now. That movie, tonight, was The Intouchables. The movie gave us no clues as to why it was *in* rather than *un*, but we liked this movie a lot. It's French. The local reviewer thought it was predictable but enjoyable. We liked it quite a bit more than that. It stars Fran├žois Cluzet and Omar Sy, both of whom give wonderful performances. I recommend this film to you!

And now, the wind is blowing in the lake smell, which means, I think, there might be a storm a-brewin'.  Cool. Tomorrow night is another date night and another movie, and since I want to see all the movies, that is good. 

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