Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paradise, day 1.

We are here, where time is tricky. For instance, we woke up and got out of the house within fifteen minutes of the time we said we'd leave. We arrived on the doorstep only about a half hour after we thought we'd arrive. So, we made pretty good time, I'd say.

Around five, I took a heavenly nap on the couch beneath the picture window. It seemed infinite. But it was miraculously not too long, not the too long that makes you feel cranky and panicky. (anyone else besides me feel this after the too long nap?)

However, when Software Update announced that I had significant software updates to install, and I clicked the "Sure, Why Not?" button, here's what it told me:

We'll see. (A minute ago, it told me 116 hours.)


  1. 50 billion lightyears to update your computer? Who wouldn't love that? But in other news, you are at the cabin!

  2. Things and I coming through that neck of the woods early next week...

  3. Hilarious. At least you are at the peaceful and relaxing cabin to get through those 84 hours.

    *in reality, how long?



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