Monday, June 25, 2012

Short movie review.

Prometheus: take a sexy yet clinical robot; a dead guy as hologram--or is he?; one of the bad cops from Red Riding; Stringer Bell playing a squeeze box; a chilly Charlize Theron; the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as an ass-kicking scientist who can also perform surgery on herself; sundry other disposable characters...and a super-sick, ambisexual, slurpy-looking, squishy, implacable and relentless alien (is there any other kind?) = a jumpy, slightly absurd yet undeniably fun-in-the-summer movie-going extravaganza.

NOTE: my son said, as an advisory before seeing Prometheus, "just tell your brain to ask the questions after the movie's over." Let me just add: scientists--what a wild, wacky bunch!


  1. Best movie review ever! :)

  2. Walker's advice could be applied to many movie situations!



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