Sunday, June 24, 2012

May I just say

that it was hot when we drove down the mountain, and then it was hotter. But the historian heroically hooked up the swamp cooler, and life looked better from that moment on.

Here's how I would summarize our Idaho sojourn:

  • we saw lots of new places in and around the Island Park caldera
  • I slept like a champ, most nights, and averaging out the sleep got at least 8 hours every night--sleep worth noting! Huzzah!
  • read 10,000 books, or a lot of them anyway.
  • ate mostly healthy food, and 
  • got my writing groove on.
Now that I am back in my regular house, I am happy to contemplate
  • having the coolness, due to swamp cooleritude
  • eating mostly healthy food, but especially Mexican food--that's healthy, right?
  • reading another 10,000 books
  • sleeping like a champ (I hope I hope I hope I hope)
  • writing two hours every day.
That's right. Two hours. Every day. It is good. You turn off the internet and you write. You pick up something you wrote yesterday or the day before, and add some more to it. You free write something using a topic or prompt or idea you thought of. But the main thing you do is you write words, and you do not do internet "research," which sometimes turns into internet "shopping," as in you buy a book you need because you need to know something. For your poem. NO. You turn the internet OFF and you write words. For two hours, and that is a promise, the people.

After I have written two hours, I plan to watch lots of movies. I consider seeing movies to be part of my purpose in life, which could be considered part of my job. And, therefore, since it is my job to see the movies, you can count on me: I will see them. I will see all the movies.


  1. I would like to live your vows -- though with a little less cooleritude which is local and natural hereabouts (I was going to say solar-powered but that it's NOT)

  2. I salute you and writing promise to yourself! Keep it!

  3. I see good things in your future. And mine, if I'm lucky enough to get to read the writing.



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