Monday, June 11, 2012

What I bought today.

Today I bought

Eggs, oatmeal, and pancake for breakfast (for me, my daughter and my grandson).

A black dress that I will not wear till probably next fall, but which will rock the house at that point in time. I will say no more, except that it was a steal.

New lipstick (red), Eau de Raisin (no, seriously--grape water), and a new super-charged face cream that I am sure will transform my life and hopefully also my face.

Red Berry Patch iced tea and a cookie.

USA Today, for the crossword, and also to read and dislike a brief piece of Lebron James idolatry.

What I didn't buy today:

Orange polka dot silk scarf, also on sale and which I am as of this very moment regretting not buying.

I also mailed an actual letter and returned a library book and talked to several children.

All this activity was in preparation for the epic journey northward to Idaho. I have packed my bag and my other bag and my one other bag (the bags are small). I will post pictures and messages from the other side.


  1. Good purchases, and way to discourage the LeBron idolatry. These things must be stopped.

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  3. Always buy the silk scarf on sale.



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