Thursday, May 01, 2008

Six-word memoir.

"I want this, I want that."


"I love this, I hate that."

Rosy spin update: not as rosy. Did my students revise anything? Do they know anything more about themselves as writers than they did before we all started this ordeal? Are e-portfolios a tool of the Devil, or merely the handmaidens of Satan?

One more six-word memoir: "I am a terrible, terrible teacher."


"Make the bad bad writing stop."

Or, and lastly,

"Kill me now. I mean it."

(I will flesh these out at some later date. After I've slept for about a week.)


  1. You are lovely. And truly funny.

  2. This is why I ran away from my childhood dream--approached twice on two different levels--to be a teacher. I settle for editor and evil manager. At least folks don't have quite the license to make me feel bad.

  3. Funny, funny, wonderful post. You're brilliant. Here's my memoir: "May I have another enchilada, please?"

    Love your header. Beautiful picture!

  4. That's more like it--rosy spin turned rock bottom pessimism.



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