Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frankly, I'm a little upset.

Yesterday, when I went to pick up my car at the tire place, the very nice young man who was checking me out ("You have roadside assistance with these, and you should get them rotated every 3-5 months") said, after I had paid, "So, you going back to work now? Or do you have some grandkids to visit?"

Uh, no, and maybe, but how rude of you to say so, very nice young man, so friendly, polite, and all noticing-my-age-up-in-my-face.

Fine, I look like a grandmother to a twenty year old. I am a grandmother. So be it. Not that it bugs me or anything. Am I vain? Very well, I am vain.

And then, today, after an insomnia episode again last night (unrelated, I'm pretty sure, to the "you look like a grandmother" shivaree), I kind of feel vertiginous. You know, my head's a little spinny. I think I'm due for the rest cure, but not in a place with yellow wallpaper. Maybe a place with lots of water, a museum, and good shopping. Like Seattle.


  1. Excuse me, you don't look like a grandmother.
    And, given that it's Utah, what does that mean? You look over 40. I look over 40, and I'm not a grandmother. Plus, to those little 18 year old boys, everyone over 25 looks 40.
    So screw them.
    And I hope you sleep well tonight!!

  2. Seattle yeah! I can't wait. The Northwest awaits you.

  3. I have a whole list of rebuttles you could have thrown back in his face. I'm not sure if you're aware, but I have some experience in dealing with men's illogical retorts. we should swap stories sometime.

    Oh wait...



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