Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brush up on your counting.

One, two, three boys live in Holladay.
Two girls live in Aberdeen.
One boy lives in Canyon Rim, and two girls, and, as of today:

One more girl, Eden Ann, 8 lb. 2 oz., 20.5 in. long. Quite adorable. Mother and baby doing great, father could not be happier or prouder:

(The mother also looked radiant but I think she might not especially appreciate my posting a photo of her in her hospital gown being posted on the World Wide Web.)

There's another baby coming in the fall--singing son's, a boy--which makes (do your math!) ten, yes, TEN grandchildren from our kids. Holy hell.


  1. I love the name Eden! So cute. And I love those little hats. And I appreciate you being sensitive to the new mother's needs. I remember how I felt in that stupid gown. But I did like it when people brought me coffee and food.

  2. Congratulations! We are very excited for them! What an adorable baby!(And cannot believe you are soon to be a grandma of ten!)

  3. ten? Lisa, you're growing up.

  4. Congrats to andrew and dana!! Thats fantastic! :D how are the twins doing?!! I can't wait to see that baby too!! :D



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