Monday, May 05, 2008


I am kind of like those kids in the Harry Potter books learning to disapparate, but failing: one part of the body in one place, another part of the body in another place.

Right now, my head, elbows, wrists, spleen, and lower back are still grading.

However, my hands and heart and, I guess, a part of my brain started getting things in order today: I began the process of cleaning out my closet which resulted in a lot of clothes to give away. I would show you a picture, but then I could never show my face amongst civilized people again. All the research I had done (I will leave you to guess in what sorts of sources I did my research) said that organizing one's closet would take a whole day, but no--only a couple of hours. On the other hand, I haven't started on shoes yet.

Also, I researched the bus routes in the hood so I could use my spanking new bus pass this summer and beyond.

Did I go to a movie this afternoon? No. Will I be able to go to a movie in the afternoon this week? Probably not. But for sure next week. A movie in the afternoon is the acid test: am I out of school? Is it summer yet? If I am at the movies in the afternoon, then yes!


  1. splinch is a great word. I know how you feel, head in one place, body in another!

  2. Don't go to a movie in the afternoon without me! I need to go too! Preferably a lowbrow romantic comedy. I could use some comedy.



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