Friday, May 09, 2008

TRAX: more adventures.

Did any of you know that there's actually a published schedule for when the train comes? That is good information for a person who's taken the TRAX two days in a row but who missed a train by this . . . much! and therefore has to wait for the next one, hence making her a little bit late for her engagements.

Yesterday I made Middlebrow wait for almost a half hour (luckily he is a man of good humor); the historian was not quite tapping his toes or looking at his watch (in front of the Broadway), because he is a patient man. I did a bit better today--I was only about ten minutes late, and we didn't miss one minute of the movie (The Visitor, a wonderful film).

I also saw The Forbidden Kingdom by myself today. It was not a great movie but was plenty of fun to watch anyway. Who doesn't love martial arts embedded in a mythic struggle for good to prevail over evil and the world to be put back in balance? No one, that's who.

Speaking of the world back in balance, the Jazz played great tonight; even at just a little before five, at the train station I saw a Korver jersey and a Kirilenko jersey. I also saw some kids flashing Laker colors and a Bryant jersey. Singing son and I feel there should be some penalty associated with this--possibly charging people wearing purple and yellow a little bit more to get into the arena?

More importantly, Craig Bolerjack should be fined when he engages in Laker idolatry: tonight, when Kobe got his own rebound, flying in to put it in the basket--a neat trick, sure--Bolerjack called him "Houdini." Houdini. When Boozer did almost the same thing just a moment later, did Bolerjack call him the name of an iconic magician? He did not. Seriously, he should be punished. Egregious ass-kissing of the opposing team should be subject to fining. Or caning. I'll let KJZZ work out the details with his agent.

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