Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Awesome day: a prototype.

1. Wake up. Get paper. Start reading detective novel before getting dressed. (warm-up)
2. Make breakfast. Check blog. Sadly, no comments. (first things first)
3. Dress. Make list of stuff to do. (ablutions, planning)
4. Pick up car from tire guys. Pick up replacement dog tag. Shop. (errands and new white skirt)
5. Receive e-mail from publisher—realize with a start I have not finished textbook review! Start text book review! (wake up call: red alert!)
6. Make major progress on review. Clean bathroom, do laundry, plant last of plants. Take a nap. Read some more detective novel. (down to work)

Also: ate Thai food, talked to singing son, planned breakfast with make-up artist daughter and darling grandson, planned visit with my mom, chatted several times with college daughter about the paper she is writing, and made flow chart that will not export as image to blog (see above for colorful yet unreadable drawing).

7. Sleep in clean sheets. Read a last bit of detective novel before oblivion. (perfect end, perfectly great day)


  1. Thanks for the flow chart, and now this morning there WILL be comments on your blog.

  2. I love that you have a flow chart for your day. I think this bodes well for your sabbatical.

  3. I need a flow chart for my life. But if I spend time making one do I need to include it on the flow chart? I'm just going to try to do some exercise, eat some fruit, and write. That's all.
    And I hope I get to see you tomorrow!!

  4. Awesome indeed! I like the Flowchart and also the handy reminder note from the textbook publisher. Both add a little order but also plenty of flexibility.

  5. mom. that essay was pathetically hard. grr...

  6. I wonder what a lack-of-flow chart would look like. That would illustrate most of my days...

  7. What mystery are you reading now? Still the one with the word "academic" in the title?



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